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About New Year

When New Year Celebrated

There are certain of Date further grouped into Months and the hence they end after last date and the cycle starts again. When the Cycle starts, the Very First day, we call it New Year and as per the world’s most popular Gregorian calendar, the New Year falls on first January. The begging marks the celebration, a huge enthusiasm among the people and lot of fun in the most part of the world. We have in India as per the Saka Calendar (The national calendar), the New Year starts with Chaitra month and the New Year day falls on Prathama. The Hindu tradition has much religious importance associated with this day.

Gifting on New Year from GiftsbyMeeta

Whatever the culture or tradition of the people living at any point of the globe and whatever the calendar they are following they celebrate the first day or New Year with huge enthusiasm, greets each other, starts their new work on this day, exchange of gifts and so on are the commonly happening things across the world. Gifting is one of those things and in India, we exchange the gifts with our loved ones, relatives, friends and others. This online gifts store has a massive gifting collection for this occasion categorized under many classes. The worldwide delivery services from GiftsbyMeeta will help you out to get your New Year greetings get conveyed at whatever the place irrespective of age group, gender, taste, and preferences of your loved ones.

Ring in the new and ring out the old – we are all waiting to ring in the New Year.  New Year gifts symbolize new beginnings and new life. New Year gift ideas are sure to win your heart this year. Buy and send New Year gifts to India at the mere touch of a button from just about anywhere.

At Gifts by Meeta we are committed to making your New Years a spectacular event. Choose from our riveting collection of gifts that include good luck gifts, personalized gifts, home decor gifts, green gifts, gifts for her, gifts, for him, gifts for kids, gifts by relation, silver gifts, Delhi and NCR specials, and international delivery. Good lick gifts such as layered bamboos and Buddhas are very popular for they bode well for the New Year.

Personalized gifts carry the stamp of individuality of the recipient. They also show the thoughtfulness and caring that goes into choosing them. Choose from a wide array of bottles, lamps, photo frames, aprons, apparel, slippers, mugs, glasses, flutes, cushions, key chains etc.

Our gift delivery service is always spot on. Let us help you create a lasting memory of your New Year celebrations.

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