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The last day of the Diwali festival is called the bhai dooj festival. Bhai dooj history is largely made up of folklore and legend. It is believed that on this day Yamraj, the god of death visited his sister Yamuna. She prayed and put an auspicious mark on his forehead for his longevity and welfare. Ever since, we celebrate bhai Dooj.

Another legend has it that Lord Krishna visited his sister after slaying the demon Narakasur. When Subhadra, saw her brother Lord Krishna approaching the house she immediately decorated a thali and put a tikka on his forehead to welcome him. He extended his protection to her

Bhai dooj history also traces back to Bhagwan Mahavir. It is said that when Bhagwan Mahavir attained Nirvana, his brother Raja Nandivardhan was very sad. He missed his brother a lot. He was consoled by his sister Sudarshana.  Ever since, women have been greatly respected during the festival.

In keeping with the historical accounts, sisters perform an Arti for their brothers and apply tikka on their foreheads. They pray for the well being and long life of their brothers. Brothers in turn vow to protect them for the rest of their lives. The bhai dooj festival is celebrated with a passion.