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Diwali Sweets

Sweets go hand in hand with any festive occasion as the day is not complete without some lip smacking flavors. Hands reaching out and engulfing the ladoos, rasgullas, barfi is a regular scene. Diwali is one such occasion that queues variety on the tray to serve the visitors. We have done our part and got the luscious Diwali sweets in designer presentation.

Snack Jars With Sweets and Tea Light Holders
Snack Jars With Swee..
Rs 2,549 | $ 41.11
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Designer Staircase for Sweets display With Diyas
Designer Staircase f..
Rs 1,369 | $ 22.08
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Festive Basket With Sweets
Festive Basket With ..
Rs 1,759 | $ 28.37
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Kaju katli Ganesh Puja essentials on silver plate
Kaju katli Ganesh Pu..
Rs 2,349 | $ 37.89
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Festive Tray With Sweets and Diyas
Festive Tray With Sw..
Rs 3,099 | $ 49.98
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Handmade Badam Barfi
Handmade Badam Barfi..
Rs 1,149 | $ 18.53
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Two Different Types of Handmade Sweets With Tea Light Holders
Two Different Types ..
Rs 2,139 | $ 34.50
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Sweet Surprise Box With Dry Fruits Jar
Sweet Surprise Box W..
Rs 2,799 | $ 45.15
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Diwali Treat Box of Pista Barfi
Diwali Treat Box of ..
Rs 1,279 | $ 20.63
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Brass t light holder with Haldiram Soan Papdi
Brass t light holder..
Rs 949 | $ 15.31
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Kaju katli box with scented glass candle
Kaju katli box with ..
Rs 1,399 | $ 22.56
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Kaju Barfi  Along With Tea Light Holders ( Set of 2)
Kaju Barfi Along Wi..
Rs 989 | $ 15.95
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Festive Ladoo Platter With Diyas
Festive Ladoo Platte..
Rs 4,195 | $ 67.66
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Festive Platter With Sweets and Snacks
Festive Platter With..
Rs 2,879 | $ 46.44
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Tray with ladoo Ganesh idol and matki Diya
Tray with ladoo Gane..
Rs 2,099 | $ 33.85
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Choko la box with Motichoor Ladoo
Choko la box with Mo..
Rs 1,719 | $ 27.73
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Festive  Handmade Imaratis With Diyas
Festive Handmade Im..
Rs 989 | $ 15.95
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Handmade Badam Pista Baked Barfi with Traditional set of Diyas
Handmade Badam Pista..
Rs 1,049 | $ 16.92
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Attractive Sweet Platter With Diyas
Attractive Sweet Pla..
Rs 1,949 | $ 31.44
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Diwali Sweets Box of Badam Barfi
Diwali Sweets Box of..
Rs 929 | $ 14.98
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Ganesh Idol Scented candle with Motichoor ladoo box
Ganesh Idol Scented ..
Rs 1,149 | $ 18.53
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Ganesh Idol Haldiram Rasgulla and terracotta Diya
Ganesh Idol Haldiram..
Rs 1,099 | $ 17.73
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Buy and Send Diwali Sweets Online at GiftsbyMeeta

Diwali is the grand festival of lights, joy, laughter, and sweets. It is a festival of myths and it draws upon an elaborate mythology. Amavasya night is lit up with fire crackers and stars in the sky. The old and the young fervently wish each other good luck and prosperity on this auspicious occasion. Everyone enjoys a feast of sweets and snacks. The atmosphere is rife with vibrant family reunions, Diwali Diyas, Rangoli, new clothes and of course- delectable sweets. Diwali Mithai gifting is an integral part of the Diwali celebrations.

Diwali Sweets make this occasion very enjoyable. Send Diwali Mithai to India from the comfort of your home. Buy Diwali Mithai online and reach out to your loved ones across the globe. Mithai is an important part of the Ganesh Laxmi puja that takes place on Diwali. Prasad is distributed to family and friends. At GiftsbyMeeta we specialize in Diwali sweets and understand their integral part in the festival.

You can choose from badam katli, kaju katli, mysore paak, kalakand, gulab jamun, sandesh, rasmalai, rasgulla etc. other Indian sweets include puran poli, peda ,boondi, carrot halwa, and barfi. Diwali sweets are fresh and exciting. Send Diwali Mithai to India from across the globe. Buy Diwali sweets online and enjoy a hassle free Diwali.

Buy Diwali Sweets online with flavors being served on platters

Not just any box, we have got the designer ones with fine carvings and paintings to serve the sweets in. Buy Diwali Sweet online with wooden trays serving ladoos, barfi, til chikki, kaju roll, petha tray, gulab chikki and kaju katli for variety that is being served. Buy sweets for Diwali to dress the occasion in flavors that are to die for. These tempting platters that are ready to serve the sweet tooth would be good to keep the party going. Invite over the guests and families and treat them with rich mithais made in quality taste. Diwali cannot go without trying several flavors and experiencing the richness of delicacies. Tray in orange, basket in green, silver platter of pista badam, soan papdi pack and several others in earthen matkas will fulfill the festive wishes with pretty diyas to go with.

Send Diwali sweets to India for tempting boxes of varied taste

Sweets related to festivals are definitely missed when one is living away from home. We have got an easy way that you can send the gifts for Diwali and help them with their homesickness. Send online Diwali Mithai in India for the rich items that we have planned to make available. With free shipping, the items will get delivered well in time and at reasonable prices. Beautiful platters and trays are here for the quality celebration to begin. Choose the gifts and we will make sure it gets to the right owner.

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