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Gifts To Israel

Gleaming In Golden International
Gleaming In Golden I..
Rs 8,199 | $ 132.24
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I Love You Mug International
I Love You Mug Inter..
Rs 1,849 | $ 29.82
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Rose Embossed candles International
Rose Embossed candle..
Rs 1,749 | $ 28.21
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Resting Buddha International
Resting Buddha Inter..
Rs 4,599 | $ 74.18
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Marble Elephant  International
Marble Elephant Int..
Rs 8,399 | $ 135.47
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A Complete Sauna International
A Complete Sauna Int..
Rs 2,049 | $ 33.05
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Originals Wall Hooks International
Originals Wall Hooks..
Rs 1,999 | $ 32.24
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Divine Pooja Thali International
Divine Pooja Thali I..
Rs 3,799 | $ 61.27
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All That Glitters International
All That Glitters In..
Rs 2,799 | $ 45.15
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Prolific Boxes International
Prolific Boxes Inter..
Rs 5,999 | $ 96.76
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Alluring Marble Ganesha International
Alluring Marble Gane..
Rs 4,599 | $ 74.18
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Herbal Tea Combo International
Herbal Tea Combo Int..
Rs 6,699 | $ 108.05
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Paris Engraved Photoframe International
Paris Engraved Photo..
Rs 1,899 | $ 30.63
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Buddha Cushion International
Buddha Cushion Inter..
Rs 1,999 | $ 32.24
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Blissful Buddha Statue International
Blissful Buddha Stat..
Rs 4,599 | $ 74.18
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An Amusing Clock Combo International
An Amusing Clock Com..
Rs 2,899 | $ 46.76
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Buddha Monks Figurine International
Buddha Monks Figurin..
Rs 4,099 | $ 66.11
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Teddy Bear Combo International
Teddy Bear Combo Int..
Rs 4,449 | $ 71.76
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Beautiful Ganesha International
Beautiful Ganesha In..
Rs 2,049 | $ 33.05
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Blissful  Buddha International
Blissful Buddha Int..
Rs 7,149 | $ 115.31
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Love Frame International
Love Frame Internati..
Rs 2,499 | $ 40.31
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Recalling Memories International
Recalling Memories I..
Rs 2,049 | $ 33.05
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Butterfly Cushion International
Butterfly Cushion In..
Rs 3,399 | $ 54.82
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Golden Deer International
Golden Deer Internat..
Rs 2,399 | $ 38.69
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Send Gifts to Israel from India

Gifts to Israel by Gifts by Meeta are always the cream of the crop. Send gifts to Israel from the comfort of your home. Gifts delivery in Israel is always reliable and will bring a smile to the recipient’s face.  Send gifts to Israel from India and strengthen the bonds with your loved ones.

At gifts by Meeta, Israel is a prime destination. We put our best foot forward for this amazing land. The Serene Buddha sculpture will bring peace and tranquility to this troubled land. The tranquil Ganesh idol international is a unique statue of Ganesh in a reclining pose. It has the finest details on it and is a harbinger of good fortune.

A complete sauna international will refresh and rejuvenate the mind as well as the body.  All that Glitters international is photo frame that adds a touch of glamour to your surroundings. Preserve those forgotten memories in this stylish photo frame that will transform your décor.

Our swift and efficient delivery service is committed to bringing joy into your life.

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