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Gifts To Portugal

All That Glitters International
All That Glitters In..
Rs 2,799 | $ 45.15
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To My Love International
To My Love Internati..
Rs 1,999 | $ 32.24
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Alluring Marble Ganesha International
Alluring Marble Gane..
Rs 4,599 | $ 74.18
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White Milky Mug International
White Milky Mug Inte..
Rs 1,799 | $ 29.02
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Paris Engraved Photoframe International
Paris Engraved Photo..
Rs 1,899 | $ 30.63
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Buddha Cushion International
Buddha Cushion Inter..
Rs 1,999 | $ 32.24
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Blissful Buddha Statue International
Blissful Buddha Stat..
Rs 4,599 | $ 74.18
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Red Hot International
Red Hot Internationa..
Rs 1,949 | $ 31.44
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Originals Wall Hooks International
Originals Wall Hooks..
Rs 1,999 | $ 32.24
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Teddy Bear Combo International
Teddy Bear Combo Int..
Rs 4,449 | $ 71.76
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Beautiful Ganesha International
Beautiful Ganesha In..
Rs 2,049 | $ 33.05
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A Special Addition International
A Special Addition I..
Rs 2,299 | $ 37.08
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Blissful  Buddha International
Blissful Buddha Int..
Rs 7,149 | $ 115.31
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I Love You Mug International
I Love You Mug Inter..
Rs 1,849 | $ 29.82
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Recalling Memories International
Recalling Memories I..
Rs 2,049 | $ 33.05
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Butterfly Cushion International
Butterfly Cushion In..
Rs 3,399 | $ 54.82
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Golden Deer International
Golden Deer Internat..
Rs 2,399 | $ 38.69
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A Complete Sauna International
A Complete Sauna Int..
Rs 2,049 | $ 33.05
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Buddha Monks Figurine International
Buddha Monks Figurin..
Rs 4,099 | $ 66.11
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Dreamy Hamper International
Dreamy Hamper Intern..
Rs 4,549 | $ 73.37
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Crystal Turtles International
Crystal Turtles Inte..
Rs 1,999 | $ 32.24
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Prolific Boxes International
Prolific Boxes Inter..
Rs 5,999 | $ 96.76
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Tranquil Ganesha Idol International
Tranquil Ganesha Ido..
Rs 2,199 | $ 35.47
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Herbal Tea Combo International
Herbal Tea Combo Int..
Rs 6,699 | $ 108.05
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Send Gifts to Portugal from India

Gifts by Meeta have a riveting selection of gifts to Portugal. Send gifts to Portugal that will create everlasting memories. Gifts delivery in Portugal will surprise and delight your loved ones. Send gifts to Portugal from India and forge new relationships and strengthen old ones.

The Buddha theme pervades this collection. Serene and reclining Buddha’s, Meditating and Blissful Buddha spread peace and tranquility and are harbingers of good luck. The Buddha cushion is a unique decor accent   that brings bliss and wisdom to the indoors.

The Ganesh idols are also beautifully crafted. The reclining Ganesha is a rare and auspicious piece. The fine detailing on the Divine Choki Ganesh international is unique and alluring. The reclining Ganesh lends a touch of relaxation that is most infectious.

The I Love You mug international is practical and emotive and looks bright and cheery.

Pink Teddy international is a delightful printed soft toy that can be cherished forever. It will delight children and adults alike. Avail of our efficient home delivery service to bring these goods to you in time.

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