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Karwachauth Festival

Karwachauth Festival

The karwa chauth festival originally emerged as a day to enjoy autumn and meet with friends and relatives. Some time later mythological significance was added to give it religious meaning. This festival is glorified and solemnized by the Hindu and Sikh community/ of North Western India.  The word Karwa means a clay pot and chauth signifies the fourth. This festival is celebrated after the fourth day after the full moon in the Kartik month of the Hindu calendar.

The karwachauth festival is awaited for by  all married women.  A few days before Karwa Chauth the women buy new Karwas,- the spherical clay pots and paint them on the outside with intricate designs. They fill the pots with bangles and ribbon, homemade candy, sweets, cosmetics, small apparel etc. the women then visit each other on karwa chauth and exchange these Karwas. During this time parents send gifts to married daughters and their children.

Falling in the middle of October, karwa chauth is celebrated amongst the harvesting of the crops. Apart from the fast kept by women for the long lives of their husbands, the Karwachauth festival is also celebrated by the meeting of friends and relatives and exchanging gifts. Thus, karwa Chauth is a seasonal and social affair as well as being a religious festival.

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