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Send Diwali Gifts to UAE

Your folks in UAE have been missing out on the festivals but, Diwali is one day all of them want to see lights and happiness around. Make sure they have the same feel there and send Diwali gifts to UAE as easily with us. Make us a part of this day and we would not only suggest you with the best gifts but, take the boxes to the right owners. Festive and yet in fashion, these items have it all to remind them of the days at home.​

Decorative Diyas n Buddha Idol
Decorative Diyas n B..
Rs 4,101 | $ 66.15
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Wax Diyas Idol n Soan Papdi
Wax Diyas Idol n Soa..
Rs 5,265 | $ 84.92
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Wax Candles n Choco Bucket
Wax Candles n Choco ..
Rs 4,155 | $ 67.02
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Ferrero Rocher Pack n Ganesha Idol
Ferrero Rocher Pack ..
Rs 5,815 | $ 93.79
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Rustic Tea light holders
Rustic Tea light hol..
Rs 3,199 | $ 51.60
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Aromatic Candle and Chocolate Combo
Aromatic Candle and ..
Rs 4,265 | $ 68.79
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Matki Diya n Ganesh Idol
Matki Diya n Ganesh ..
Rs 4,265 | $ 68.79
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Green Cymbidium Bunch
Green Cymbidium Bunc..
Rs 3,915 | $ 63.15
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Happy Diwali Gift Pack
Happy Diwali Gift Pa..
Rs 3,861 | $ 62.27
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Special Diwali Gift Pack
Special Diwali Gift ..
Rs 4,611 | $ 74.37
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Diwali Gift Tray
Diwali Gift Tray
Rs 5,275 | $ 85.08
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Choko La Crunchettes with Designer floral candles
Choko La Crunchettes..
Rs 4,899 | $ 79.02
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Chocolate Box n Candle
Chocolate Box n Cand..
Rs 3,435 | $ 55.40
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Blue Pottery Tea light Holders Set of 2
Blue Pottery Tea lig..
Rs 2,149 | $ 34.66
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Candles n Flowers For Diwali
Candles n Flowers Fo..
Rs 4,095 | $ 66.05
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Set of 4 Wax Diyas
Set of 4 Wax Diyas
Rs 3,375 | $ 54.44
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Ganesha Idol n Stylish Diyas
Ganesha Idol n Styli..
Rs 3,261 | $ 52.60
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Ganesha Blessings on Diwali
Ganesha Blessings on..
Rs 4,565 | $ 73.63
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Choco Box n Flower Candles
Choco Box n Flower C..
Rs 4,541 | $ 73.24
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Ferrero Rocher n Ganesh Idol Basket
Ferrero Rocher n Gan..
Rs 4,451 | $ 71.79
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T light holders
T light holders
Rs 2,899 | $ 46.76
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Yummy Chocolates In Leather Box
Yummy Chocolates In ..
Rs 4,021 | $ 64.85
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Antique T Light Holder
Antique T Light Hold..
Rs 4,771 | $ 76.95
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Ganesha n Chocolairs Thali
Ganesha n Chocolairs..
Rs 4,661 | $ 75.18
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Send Diwali Gifts to UAE from Gifts by Meeta

Many Indian have chosen to settle in the UAE.  It has a vast and diverse Indian population that looks forward to celebrating diwali every year. Diwali is the festival of lights that is cherished by most Indians. It marks the onset of the Hindu New Year and is slated to be on the 30th of October in 2016. Diwali commemorates the mythological return of lord Rama to his home in Ayodhya after 14 years of exile and defeating the demon king Raavana. It is a time for gifting. Send Diwali gifts to UAE from the comfort of your home. Diwali gifts delivery in UAE is a boon for diwali shoppers.

At Gifts by Meeta we have refined the act of gifting into a fine art. Send gifts from the bottom of your heart to friends and relatives across the globe. Our awesome collection of gifts is designed to please. They include green gifts, chocolates, gourmet baskets, diwali dry fruits, personalized gifts, sun sign gifts, perfumes, jewelry, kitchen and dining, stoles and sarees, silver gifts, Diwali lamps, diwali diyas, mithai, divinities etc. Send diwali gifts to UAE and delight your loved ones. Diwali gift delivery in UAE is always swift and accurate.

Diwali gifts delivery in UAE online with gifts reaching in time

Don’t be surprised to read that we reach till UAE with your gifts. The real surprise is all of it is for free and you just have to do a part of picking up the gift and paying for it with your credit or debit card. Diwali gifts delivery in UAE online has amazing ones to keep the party going. Call home all your guests and we would have just the right gift items for them. As magical, these items are in good looks and appeal. Diyas, diwali idols and dressy trays of mithais would be there for quality boxes. Free shipping and reasonable prices make it all the more promising.

Send Diwali gifts to UAE with best of the Diwali treats

Send some festivity to your loved ones as there are several other ways than just calling them on skype. Send Diwali gift to UAE with all the items in the inventory for remarkable items and all of it in pockets. Get the quality as per it is required and you can be explorative enough with the choices. Safe payment options are available with credit or debit card online to make sure all the items would be in best shape.

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