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When is Karwachauth

Karva Chauth 2017 – 8 October, Sunday

The festival of Karva Chauth is the Fast which each wedded lady keeps for ensuring by the useful life of her husband and appealing to god for long life and longevity of her relationship with her husband.

The Karwa Chauth Fast is seen on the Forth (Chauth) of Kartika (8th month according to Hindu calendar) of which is the fourth day of the dull moon and celebrated in same month of Diwali (before 9 days).  At night wedded ladies embellish the Pooja Thali and go onto the patio to see (awaited) the full moon. It is the festival of the honored relationship of husband and wife which is the thought of holiness, modesty and coyness.

It is a swabbing the lives of both (husband and wife) with the shades and feeling of adoration and devotion towards each other and is a noteworthy celebration in Hindu society and ladies assume an imperative part in it.

There are many customs and traditions are associated with this festival of Karva Chauth such as the giving of presents, offering of Sargi in the early morning to the wedded lady from her mother-in-law which they (lady who is going to start fasting) eat before her fast to be started when she is supposed to not take even a single drop of water. In addition, applying Mehendi on hands, wearing colorful garments, and so on are other important customs. The offerings gifts from husbands to wives or vice versa incorporate apparels, jewelry, other precious items like rings and so on.

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