Zodiac Sign Leo Conical Mug
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Zodiac Sign Leo Conical Mug

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SKU: GIFTS112531

Leo has that much enthusiasm which attracts people towards them as they are social butterflies. A mug is perfectly designed for drinking tea or coffee as it would not warm your hands while handling with bare hands. As it is circular in shape, can easily be placed on any smooth surface. Characteristic of a mug is depend on the person's personality as in which manner he/she uses it. And this mug belongs to a Leo kid as it is specially designed with a cute figure of a Lion King. Likewise, prefer to buy this conical mug over anything else to gift to a Leo kid. He/ she would love to sip their milk from this mug which is embossed with their Zodiac sign.
This ceramic Mug has a capacity of 9oz (250 ml) with white color, and it is microwave proof as well. It will be an excellent present for the Leo kids.

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